Professionals In Land Valuations

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Specialist  FARM Valuer.

Specialist BUSINESS  Valuer.

INSURANCE Valuations

I have specialized knowledge and skills in farm & business valuations. Look at my CV on the “Specialist” page, for a description of my specialist knowledge and skills.

It is an accepted fact within the property valuation industry, that the valuation of agricultural real estate requires a specialized in-depth understanding of agriculture, and the inherent risks unique to this industry. I am one of very few professional associate valuers, in the country, who is also a qualified agricultural economist. 

Business valuations requires in-depth understanding of the profitability drivers and judgement of the specific business risks. I have the academic qualifications and practical experience to quantify these factors.


Area where I do valuations.

I am situated in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths). I do valuations anywhere in South Africa.

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What I Offer

    • Professional valuations of agricultural property & business valuations, done by a valuer with specialist knowledge and skills.
    • Special valuations during an expropriation / restitution process of a farm.
      • In addition I can assist the farmer during the negotiation process with the state, when the compensation amount is negotiated.
        I am also trained in negotiation skills.
    • Valuations of intended servitudes on farm property, e.g. Eskom servitudes, road servitudes, other legal servitudes.
      • In addition I can do the negotiations on your behalf.
    • Insurance Valuations – to determine the replacement cost of a building
    • Valuations of residential, commercial and industrial property
    • A comprehensive professional valuation report
    • A free first consultation discussion, and a quotation.

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Professional Registrations

  • I am registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession.
  • I am a member of the South African Institute of Valuers.
  • I am a member of the International Right of Way Association.


Kobus has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in farming and business management. These skills and expertise will provide you…

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How long will it take to complete a valuation ?
It depends on the complexity and the purpose of the valuation…

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Our fees are based on the guidelines set by the SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession.
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